Testimonials - FirstEDA
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We are proud to be supporting some extremely innovative companies and working with individuals recognised in the EDA community for their skills and opinions. Here’s what some have to say about us:

We are engineers. We live and breathe EDA, and we understand what our customers are trying to achieve. Our considerable capabilities enable us to provide support and guidance throughout the entire development lifecycle.

FirstEDA has a great reach into Northern Europe and knows the electronics industry and design community extremely well. We’re happy to be partnering with FirstEDA to deliver VHDL training because, importantly, they’re getting us in front of engineers who are keen to advance their coding skills and to apply what they’ve learned on real-life projects.”

Jim Lewis, founder of SynthWorks Inc.

FirstEDA represents our brand extremely well. They provide dependable support to the users of our products in Northern Europe and provide us with valuable guidance on regional requirements. It’s a perfect match. Also, during our 10-plus year relationship, we have collaborated on a number of activities outside of traditional distribution, as our organizations have a shared commitment to provide best-in-class EDA solutions and training.”

Christina Toole, Marketing Manager of Aldec Inc.

FirstEDA consistently provides high-quality technical support, ensuring we get the best from our tooling investment. Issues are efficiently identified, worked around wherever practical, and FirstEDA liaises directly with the supplier when software updates are required. We therefore have a tight ‘circle of confidence’ between FirstEDA, Renishaw and the supplier. “Also, FirstEDA appreciates our overall project engineering objectives. For example, they recently introduced us to a new tool to help verify code quality early on in our design flows. We’ve now included that tool into our VHDL development processes and it’s helping us identify and fix problems which would be much harder and more time-consuming to find and fix if they had been allowed to migrate downstream.”

Pete Leonard, Electronic Design Manager, Renishaw plc.

As a relatively new company, and operating as we do in a sector where ‘time is money’, it’s been of paramount importance to have highly responsive technical support; and in this respect FirstEDA has exceeded all expectations. Also, on most projects, we’re pushing the boundaries in terms of what can be done in FPGA technology, and FirstEDA– along with the EDA tool vendors they represent – is supporting us as we develop extremely advanced applications.”

Sanjay Shah, Founder & CTO of Nanospeed Technologies Limited.